About Us

7C Life teaches the deeper understanding of life in a simplified approach. Meditation is the tool used to achieve this, and Meditation is the most powerful and relevant practice as defined by the Ancient Seers.

It is founded and guided by our revered Swami Guru Sri Kriyathasa Sekar. 7C Life is dedicated to utilizing and activating inner success mechanism and personal well being for everyone. As an organization our members hail from a variety of different backgrounds, occupations and beliefs. Together we form a cohesive environment for personal unfolding and service to others. We make available and teach practical techniques and meditations that enable people to enrich and simplify their lives. Many people from all walks of life have benefited from using these simple yet effective methods.

Being non-denominational, we don’t emphasize on religious, political or financial affiliations and are a community of like-minded individuals striving to empower each other and you.

Fundamentally we encourage everyone to celebrate life, and as you expand and share your experiences, your life will be a living testament of your inner success.

What People Say


“I have a partner. She is not extremely beautiful, yet, I don’t have much to complain about, as she is still the type I am happy with. Recently, I met a new friend. Before we met, another friend has told me about her, and he feels she is quite attractive. At the first sight, during our greetings, she doesn’t appear to be very appealing to me. However, as our relationship grew, I started to realize that we seem to be very connected. It is as if I have known her for many years, like a long lost friend. The joy of being with her is so strong that it led me to always seek an opportunity to be with her as frequently as possible, just like a school kid always looking forward to meeting his best friend in school the next day. With this strong attraction, things started to change. I started to fear and worry that I might lose her. At the same time, I started to be distracted and distant myself from my partner. My partner has started to be unpleasant and no longer as loving as before.

I’m grateful that before things turned sour, with the guidance of a wise teacher, I managed to understand and have the realization from this experience – I already own my partner. Trying to own my friend on top of it is the cause for all miseries. Without trying to chase after her, my friend will always be with me and I’ll never lose her. I just need to love my partner, because my partner will love me back. And in fact, I can now I see that my partner is really beautiful!

It’s such a great experience I have gone through, I just want to share it with you. And let me introduce my new friend and my partner to you. The name of my new friend is ‘Happiness’, while my partner’s name is ‘Life’. (Now, try to read the whole story again by replacing ‘new friend’ with ‘Happiness’ and ‘partner’ with “Life”)”.


“I was introduced to 7C Life about 4 months ago. I was cautious as it was my first time at a meditation session. During my first session, I got into a very, very relaxed state,…. It was as if I was by the seaside. It was a wonderful feeling of gentle rejuvenation. I decided to come back again, and each time, it was a different enriching experience. One of the amazing ones was being in a state where I felt a very special out of the world connection with the Universe and with all those present in the room. I was hooked, for I never came to such a level of connection during my meditation alone. The feeling of oneness with the Divine cannot be quantified and is indeed a precious moment to savor. Of the many benefits I have received, I am now able to simply feel deeply, extremely relaxed, and to carry that feeling throughout the days of the week. I also appreciate the company of genuinely warm and loving new friends I made at the centre. The life coaching and sharing of experiences by Guruji Sekar after the meditation session gives me insight and clarity to an otherwise sometimes confusing view of the world. I would gently encourage others to give it a try, for there is nothing to lose but a Universe to gain”


“Before I started Yoga class with 7C, I had lower backache due to long hours of sitting in front of the computer. Learning Yoga gave me an experience to connect with my body. The teacher had been guiding me all the time to make sure I learnt the lesson with outmost benefit. Every time I attend the lesson, I felt the energy flowing every part of my body, which gave relaxation to my joints and body. Eventually, I felt the ache gradually reduced and my body flexibility had improved. ”

Karthick Sekar

“I am Karthick Sekar, an expat from India. I came here in December 2011 and was a person always thinking about the future. Or rather, a person who was always worried about future, not realizing the present and everything which I need has been taken care off and fulfilled at each moment with gracious guidance of the Divine. I have never meditated, even in India, which is where everyone says is the birth place of meditation.

Even my brother tried to get me into that, but couldn’t. But 7C Life was a turning point in my life. It has helped me to be at peace, something that I had never even dreamt of. I came to this place because the founder was my Client/Boss; and after the first visit I found something special and started visiting regularly. I then involved myself doing volunteer work and am now one of the Administrators of 7C Life. All these growth has happened after realizing the PRESENT through the activities conducted at 7C Life. Now I feel each moment is so blissful and Life is so SIMPLE. Things are happening, can be achieved effortlessly. I am not sure when my project will end and I will have to go back to India, but I personally want to be here just to be with 7C Life.

Thank you Divine, Guruji and 7C Life for the wonderful guidance in my life’s journey.”

Sarah Bhanu

Living right is what we aim for at 7C Life. These testimonials from our beloved members speak for themselves! “In 7C Life we learn how to live right by being fully responsible for ourselves, our connection with Mother Universe and about what we want.

Indeed my life changing experience happened immediately after my first Full Moon Gratitude Session. I was blessed to re-unite with my children, which was what I requested for. In fact it was an overnight answer! Surrendering to the Divine and believing in it, I took this as an example to fulfill my other requests. All have been answered.

The Weekly meditation and The Power of Now classes have thought me to live simply in the present moment. The life coaching sessions have helped me further clear some of my doubts. 7C Life members are always a great support, during our moments of trials when our mind has been sabotaged with negative thoughts, there is always someone who is willing to listen to our emotional turmoil like a family member. I am happy that I am enjoying the oneness with Mother Universe. Being able to “download” answers for any solutions has become easy and life is a smooth progress now. Indeed a great blessing. Thank you, 7C Life”.

Shreen Xaviar

“When I first came to 7C Life, I was pleasantly surprised as I found that the classes were not based on religion, but rather on Universal teachings. Anyone from any background can come to 7C Life and will feel welcome immediately. That is how I feel till today, and am very happy to share my experiences with people. Through the Art of Living Right, I found myself being able to understand myself and changes in my life better. I understand now that the Universe is always here to guide us, and not to punish us.

The Universe is the ever providing Mother to all, who never ceases to take care of every being in this world. I was seeking for happiness when I first came here, and I am glad that I have found my happiness.”

Chee Tat

“Hi, my name is Chee Tat. I have participated in a few cycles of 7C Life’s Chakra Meditation. I love the life coaching in each session as it enhances my understanding of Life and even the understanding on religions. Now I know that the foundation of all religions such as Buddhism, Taosim, Christianity and Islam are the same.

Besides that, The Power of Now sessions have enhanced my understanding on Buddhism. Finally, I understand the true meaning of some famous verses from the Buddhist scriptures. To be frank, without attending 7C Life, I would probably be stuck reading a book with my own interpretation. The understanding process has sped up by just attending the 7C Life’s life coaching and The Power of Now.

7C Life as a whole is a good place to get to learn new perspectives and understanding its relevance to current times. Thank you.”