“Life is a Great Blessing, the greatness is when we realize it is a Blessing”

7C Life is committed towards everyone enjoying an abundant and happy life. We propagate living a celebrated life through meditation and understanding its core values. Once positive living is instilled, every person can become a life coach – with the power of an awakened knowing. You will be able to understand and live the 7C’s of life.


Special Spiritual Retreat and Temple Tour with HH SwamiGuru

15th - 25th August 2024

Spiritual Friday & Weekly Sri Chakra Pooja

Immerse yourself in a soul-enriching experience with the program featuring Sri Chakra Pooja and Bhajans.

Explore the divine realm through joyous celebrations, inviting inner peace, joy, love, and health into your life.

Navarathiri Celebration

The 10-Day celebration consists of a 3-day celebration for each Sakthi. On the final day, the 3 Sakthis converge to become One Powerful Sakthi, known as Mahishasura Mardhini.

Annual Mahashivarathiri Celebration

Maha Shivarathiri is an auspicious celebration that allows us to reconnect to the spiritual element of the Universe.

It is a great moment when the five elements of our world (earth, wind, fire, water, and air), converge and create an alignment to the Universal energies, giving us a moment of great enlightenment.