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Live life filled with love

and connect with love

be humane and let humanity live on

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Life is a Great Blessing

the greatness is when we realize it is a

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Appreciate and love

yourself for who you are

and you shall be loved and appreciated

We at 7C Life are committed towards everyone enjoying an abundant and happy life. We propagate living a celebrated life through meditation and understanding its core values. Once positive living is instilled, every person can become a life coach – with the power of an awakened knowing.

You will be able to understand and live the 7C’s of life:


Join 7C Life on a journey towards activating your inner success mechanism and personal well being. We make available and teach practical techniques and meditations to enrich and simplify your life, while you appreciate what you have and value it too. The 7C Life family forms a cohesive environment from all walks of life. Our goal is to empower each person to understand the greatness of Life. There is more to you than just your physical body and environment, the life that you have must be celebrated.