Volunteer Programme


This event is initiated to bring the realization of life to those who do not value it and to those who have been forgotten by it.

We would like to create an opportunity for individuals and family to contribute back to society. The volunteers in these programs can choose to take lead, be a support member or just be a participant.

The events that would be done throughout the year would be categorized as follows:

1. Unforgettable Life Celebration

In this program, the 7C Life family will organize festival celebrations mainly Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Christmas at selected old folks home. The celebration would consist of buying new clothes for the residents, and also 7C would host it open house there too.

The 7C Life family would also invite their friends and family to this open house as if it is their own open house. The volunteers would be encouraged to do this too.

We not only like to bring the celebration to the forgotten members at the old folk’s home but we would want to celebrate it with them as THEIR family too.

2. Valuable Life Celebration

For this program, we would like to invite volunteers from 2 categories of people, children from ages 14 to 23 and their parents or adults.

We will be visiting orphanages and our volunteer children will chaperon an orphan for the day as an elder sibling. This event will bring realization of the value of life to the orphans and immense joy to their hearts, our volunteering children would also understand the blessings they have in life and become more responsible through this unique life experiencing.

The adult volunteers will assist to supervise the activity and also become “driver” for the children to ferry them from their orphanage to the activity locations.

Join us in creating the small difference in someone’s life and it has a great impact for them and for us too.