MindFocus Meditation


Each one of us have lived our lives in our own terms. These terms are based on the perspective of life that we understand to be right for us and yet we sometimes suffer or go through difficulties in understanding life. The reason for these situations to recur many times in our lives, is because we have yet to understand life itself, especially our own. Your life has become imbalanced due to the many perspectives of life that is defined by society today. We are also expected to fit our lives into these perspectives. Thus we suffer as it is not ours.

The meditation sessions are designed to bring about a holistic balance in your life that you were already born with. The meditation helps you get back to a state of clear mind, go deeper within yourself and understand yourself better. You will be able to tap into your intuitive wisdom and with a clear mind, you will be able to define the right destiny for your life.

There is a life coaching session that is conducted during each of the meditation sessions. These life coaching sessions are to help understand these intuitive wisdom and also guide you to create a new perspective in life.

The new perspective in life will be charged with positive energies that will only create success in your life that you have never experienced before. It is a great journey, and it is all about you.

Our weekly Mind Focus Meditation(Online) sessions as below:

Daily Meditation