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Registration & Payment

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7C Life has been blessed to organize the utmost tribute in prayer form to Lord Shiva: the much revered Atirudram prayers (which is the highest form of worship to Lord Shiva) & Bheemeshwara Swamy Temple Kumbhabhishegam (consecration ceremony of the temple, which is being done after 70 years). This event, which is organized with the Sri Matrudevi Vishwashanthi Ashram Trust,  will be held in the town of Draksharamam, located in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, India, in December this year. 7C Life has also been given the opportunity to share this once in a lifetime prayer session with 100 blessed individuals.

Participants of the Atirudram would also have the opportunity to be part of the Kumbhabishegam of the Bhimeswara Swamy Temple in Draksharamam. This consecration ceremony is also a historical not-to-be-missed event as it is being held after 70 long years.

7C will be gathering 100 privileged devotees to be part of this prayer. This group of participants will be the ONLY group from Malaysia and will be privileged with designated prayer areas for both the Atirudram Maha Yajnam & Kumbhabishegam ceremony of the Bhimeswara Swamy Temple. There will be on-going prayers by Vedic priests for the Maha Kumbhabhishegam for the temple as well as the Atirudram prayers.

Please also visit the website: Sri Karunamayi Amma Foundation to know more details about the organizers of this prayers.



The Atirudram Maha Yajnam is the highest and most important form of worship to Lord Shiva, who is the very source of cosmic energy for the entire creation. His Divine form encompasses and extends far beyond all known and unknown galaxies and universes. Changeless and formless, Shiva, also known as Rudra, is in essence the self in our hearts, infinite, and all pervasive. According to Sri Sankara Bhagavadpada, Shiva is of measureless majesty and unequal splendor, who is the refuge of the saintly souls and who is a source of great solace. He is smaller than the smallest and yet greater than the greatest!



Experiencing a one-minute Darshan at the Bheemeshwara Swamy Temple is equivalent to doing 1,000 Parikarma (walking around) of Mount Kailash.


Listening to the chanting of the Namakam and Chamakam during the Atirudram and absorbing the vibrations  create a powerful impact that sits within you for a lifetime. This, in other words enables you to recharge your “battery” without a need for a backup source of energy.

The Atirudram brings together a minimum of 121 Vedic scholars who are well versed in Vedic rituals. Recitals are from all the 4 Vedas: Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda and the Atharvana Vedha.

Participants will be able to witness daily Veda and Purana recitals.


Travel  Period : 17th December 2015  – 26th December 2015

Brief Itinerary

17th Dec 15 (Thurs)
Departure from Kuala Lumpur  @ 2145 via Malindo / Air Asia  arrival  @  Visakhapatnam
18th Dec 15
Travel to Kakinada from Visakhapatnam (3.5hrs)
(possible temple visit)
19th Dec 15
Recital Practice   , Free & Easy
(Cleansing Prayer –TBA)
20th Dec 15–  25th Dec 15


Daily 1 hr travel from Kakinada to Draksharamam
Kumbhabhishegam, Sri Bhimeswara Swamy temple at Draksharamam
26th Dec 15 (Sun)
Travel to  Visakhapatnam   & Return to Kuala Lumpur @ 2335 via Malindo / Air Asia




Flight Tickets
Hotel(twin Sharing) (17-26)
9  nights
9  days
Local transportation
10   days
Prayer Participation
Travel Insurance
Adminstration Cost:
Includes Recital training, handouts,Tag & T-shirt

** Please note that there might be a cost variance of maximum of RM 300 due to the currency fluctuation as flight fuel surcharge, airport taxes and local arrangements (hotel ,transport F&B) are paid in foreign currency.


Please  click and download  the form at the Registration section and fill in the form to commence your registration.

Upon receiving your details, we will start to process your registration upon receiving your first deposit payment of RM 2000 ( which cover : Flights , Deposit for Lodging and Administration Fee)  ***   . ONLY FIRST 100 participants will be accepted.

Payment can be made Via:

  • Online Transfer or Cash/Cheque Deposit to :

SEVEN CHAKRAM RESOURCE CENTRE (Maybank Account : 514235652430)

  •  Credit Card Payment at our Centre ( Handling fee of 2%)

*** Please read cancellation clause

Cancellation Clause:

  • Deposit payment of RM 2,000 is to be paid in order to secure your booking .

  • Deposit paid is not refundable as it goes for your flight & hotel booking. Only RM 150 of admin fee will be refunded from the Deposit payment

  • Balance full payment is to be paid by the 1st of November 2015. If we fail to receive the balance payment by the stipulated date , Your booking deposit will be forfeited .

Whats is Expected of participants:

1. All participants will be provided with a handbook with all rules & regulations for this Spiritual Tour (Ati Rudram Maha Yajnam). The hand book will include rules & regulations, attire, timings , commitment to activities etc

2. Being Vegetarian:

Being vegetarian for 48 days , enhances  & conditions the body to a neutral state . Attending the prayer without being vegetarian would mean the effects of the prayers would just be wasted neutralizing the body but WITH minimal enhancement to the energy within the body.

When you are vegetarian you are able to remove toxin/negative energies in the body. All the energy/ blessings received  will enhance you to the highest level of positive energy . If possible, practice satvik diet.

Dates to Commence:

108 days Vegetarian diet : 8th   Sept ’15

96 days Vegetarian diet :  21st Sept ’15

48 days Vegetarian diet : 8th   Nov ’15

21 days Vegetarian diet : 5th Dec ’15

11 days Vegetarian diet : 15th   Dec ’15

3) Rudhram Chanting :

We will commence Rudhram chanting classes from 8th November 2015 at the 7C Life Centre. This chanting  classes will teach you all the Chanting of the Namakam & Chamakam.

It’s not a must for participants to know how to chant (you can just sit and listen to the chant and absorb the vibrational energy from the chant), but if you chant during the prayers, your chanting creates energy vibration within , creates focus within which  will help to further enhance the energy you are receiving from the prayer.

For outstation participants or for those who are not able to make it , we will provide the notes and audio recording of all the mantra for your own practice. You may also opt to do a live video stream to us during our practice sessions

4. Health Condition:

Participants are required to advice us on all current medical status. A basic health screening will be done at our centre . Full medical status of each participant is required to be informed to our in-House medical personnel.

Final Payment is to be made by 1st November 2015. All Visa Arrangements & cost are to be borne by participants. We will provide a contact for the ease of VISA application.

Mantra Chanting Session Chart


Help Desk

1) Mr.Karthcik (Tamil) : 011-35445993

2) Ms.Darshini (Tamil & English) : 019-2127953

3) Mr.Krishna (Tamil & English) : 012-3347909

4) Mdm.Vijayalakshmi  (Tamil & English) : 012-6017771

Participants may contact our personnel for further understanding of the programme prior to registration or send an to email for further enquiry.